First, Before I Confess, No, I Haven’T Done Anything With These Girls, I’Ll Explain Later. Second, I Don’T Want To Receive Online Abuse Because Of This Confession From Any Judgmental Hypocrites On Here, This Site Is For People To Get A Dark Secret They’Ve Been Carrying Off Their Chests And To Talk To Others. This May Come Off As A Big Shock Of Shocks Here, But Nobody Is Perfect, Everybody Is Different, People Have Different Morals. If You Hate This Confession And Me After Reading It, Whatever, I Don’T Care, If You Want To Be A High Morally-Superior Social Justice Warrior, Do It On Reddit Or Twitter, Not Here. On This Site, Leave Your Morals At The Door. And Third, No, I’M Not Some Balding, Overweight, Short, Basement-Dwelling, Virgin, Gamer Living In My Mum’S Basement. I’M 26-Years-Old, Very Tall, I Think I Have An Ok Face, I’M In Descent Shape, I Have A Head Full Of Brown Hair, I Wear Nice Clothes I’Ve Been Told That I’M Intelligent And Have A Good Heart And I’M Hygienic. I’Ve Been Single Since 2017 After My Gf (18) Dumped Me For Somebody Else And Stole My Savings. I’M Attracted To Teenage Girls That Are 13-18, Sometimes Even Slightly Younger Than 13. I’M Not Attracted To Women Near My Age Or Even Those Who Are Early-20S Because They Tend To Be More Demanding, Argumentative And Obsessed With Pointless Things Like Education And/Or Careers. Teen Girls Tend To Be More Pretty, Carefree, Friendly And Are More Likely To Be Virgins. In My Town, During The School Hours Around 8 In The Morning And 3 In The Afternoon, I See Lots Of Teen School Girls In Their Uniforms, Many Of Them Are Fit And Pretty, They Have Nice Slender Bodies, Sweet Legs And They Look Good In Their Uniforms. I Would Love To Spend Time With Them. Like I Said At The Beginning This Confession, I Have Done Nothing To Or With Them, I Don’T Approach Them Or Look At Them, Though I Sneak Glances. I Don’T Approach Teen Girls Or Even Women In General In Case I Get Viewed As Creepy Or Weird. And I Don’T Want To Be Caught Chatting Up Minors And Getting Attacked Or Arrested By The Cops. I Would Love To Take A Teen Girls Virginity Someday. I Would If I Could Get Away With It

First, before I confess, no, I haven't done anything with these girls, I'll explain later.
Second, I don't want to receive online abuse because of this confession from any judgmental hypocrites on here, this site is for people to get a dark secret they've been carrying off their chests and to talk to others.
This may come off as a big shock of shocks here, but nobody is perfect, everybody is different, people have different morals.
If you hate this confession and me after reading it, whatever, I don't care, if you want to be a high morally-superior social justice warrior, do it on reddit or twitter, not here.
On this site, leave your morals at the door.
And third, no, I'm not some balding, overweight, short, basement-dwelling, virgin, gamer living in my Mum's basement.
I'm 26-years-old, very tall, I think I have an OK face, i'm in descent shape, I have a head full of brown hair, I wear nice clothes I've been told that I'm intelligent and have a good heart and I'm hygienic.
I've been single since 2017 after my GF (18) dumped me for somebody else and stole my savings.

I'm attracted to teenage girls that are 13-18, sometimes even slightly younger than 13.
I'm not attracted to women near my age or even those who are early-20s because they tend to be more demanding, argumentative and obsessed with pointless things like education and/or careers.
Teen girls tend to be more pretty, carefree, friendly and are more likely to be virgins.
In my town, during the school hours around 8 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, I see lots of teen school girls in their uniforms, many of them are fit and pretty, they have nice slender bodies, sweet legs and they look good in their uniforms.
I would love to spend time with them.

Like I said at the beginning this confession, I have done nothing to or with them, I don't approach them or look at them, though I sneak glances.
I don't approach teen girls or even women in general in case I get viewed as creepy or weird.
And I don't want to be caught chatting up minors and getting attacked or arrested by the cops.
I would love to take a teen girls virginity someday.
I would if I could get away with it.

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