Statistics High for Kids Copying Abusers

I have told psychologists and other doctors and therapists about my childhood sexual abuse and they have said that me copying the pedo playing sex games with other little kids is NOT the same as a being a pedo… they have said that the statistics are high that many kids who are abused young do play out the abuses as games on other kids because they know no different; the pedo prays on the innocence of the child, so I am getting sick of people saying things … just like I have been told that plenty of people who have been sexually abused have children and do not abuse their own kids… being sexually abused as a child does not automatically make you gay or a pedo… being sexually abused by someone your own or opposite sex won’t always make people gay or a pedo…

I spent years crying wanting to have a baby of my own and be able to hold it without feeling that I will be a dirty pedo whether I like it or not! it really hurt me people saying that to me when my doctor has said it is not true!


Confessed by: flattummydream
Gender: Female
Country: Australia

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