Single & getting bored

hey thre..
I m 23 yrs old who is still single… wen i was in colge i had 2-3 gfs b4 but it didnt work… i thnk it last 4 only 4 months… that time i had my univercity exams so that i cud nt gave her time… i tried very much for patching up bt all in vain…. since last 3 yrs i dont hav any girlfrnd..* my office plenty of grls r thr…bt sme r pre booked , sme married nd sme nt intrsted in any relatnship… nd i m also a shy person who is afrid to approch any grl… my this single status is just killing me… nd i m still a virgin… shud i go for any call grl…dnt knw anythng yaar… jst wanted 2 kill myself…plz tell me wat shud i do
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  1. z0BBcQBuZe Very useful tips. Really helps to narorw things down and focus the information. Even though sometimes we already know the answers, asking the right questions helps to sort out the info. Thanks alot![]

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