she and her boyfriend are on the crazy side

Two nights ago I went to a co-worker and newest friend’s house for dinner while her boyfriend was out of town. We finished off a bottle then a box of wine when she began telling me details of her sexual relationship with her live-in boyfriend. I was speechless when she went into the kinky stuff they did but was dumbfounded when she began showing me the sex toy collection they had.

It got to where she began taking them out of the box and explaining how they were used. I did know what the dildos and vibrators were but other things I had never seen or heard of. Things like stimulators for a guy’s prostate, what she called cock rings and some of those that were electric. She had vibrating beads and 2 things that were similar to speculums.

She first told me what some of them felt like and how they aroused and satisfied her. Then she began taking and showing me the things she did to stimulate and satisfy her boyfriend. She individually showed me how she used the cock rings and how they would shock his testicles. She took out two different vibrators and three dildos she used for his anal penetration.

She then showed the vibrating beads that he inserted into her and a variety of penis-shaped dildos and a penis-shaped vibrator. She smiled as she talked about all those things then went over to the bottom drawer in the dresser and took out a penis-shaped strap-on dildo. I heard of them before but always thought they were used by lesbians.

She put it on then and began pumping her hips and saying how she would fuck her boyfriend with it. That was the first time I said anything. I only asked her why a guy would like something like that up his ass and she assured me he loved her doing things to him. Then from the same drawer, she took out a paddle, a thick leather strap and a thin piece of bamboo telling me he liked to be whipped.

I have heard of some kinky people before but these two are nuts. I can’t imagine why a guy would want an 8” penis-shaped green dildo up his ass and to be beaten with any of those objects especially the bamboo switch.

Why would a guy want to have his testicles shocked and have one of those cock rings around his penis and balls? Most of all why would she show me that stuff and tell me all the crazy shit she and her boyfriend do? I thought she was a normal person. I and my boyfriend do stuff that’s a little kinky at times but she and her boyfriend are on the crazy side.

By – Joanne

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