i got into this big discussion about obedience to your husband. i have to admit i was not prepared for the discussion, and as a 21st century woman not very receptive to the idea. but the woman who was talking to me asked me these questions. who has the last word? who in the end decides? what happens when after discussion and negotiating there is still a difference, who decides? who makes the ultimate decision? well, i admit that i had not thought about that, so she pushed me to answer this situation. he has a job, and his job will move him and he accepts. do you leave him because he is moving or do you follow him? you disagree, but it is the decision he makes, and you give in and follow him. you are obedient. he is the man and you follow him and make a home for him where he takes you and you may not like it but you do it. you are obedient. it is a difficult emotional position to accept, when you are the wife and you are burdened with the wife’s duties, including caring for children, you follow. and if you disagree, he leads and you follow. so you are obedient unto your husband.
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