My Marriage is over but .. .

My marriage is basically over and am finding it hard to tell my wife. A year ago I came home and told her I didnt want to be married anymore. Well after finding out how much I would lose in a divorce I changed my mind and have tried to make it work. Plus she starts crying when I suggest divorce and I feel sorry for her and say it will be ok when I know it wont. I need to just end the marriage for both our sakes as alls we ever do is fight. Im thinking about just filing and not tell her and let her be served papers that way I dont change my mind
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  1. Arbaz, one of the biggest SINs in Islam is divorce, when you got to know about you have to pay back her you possibly changed your mind, you seems to be disturbed by your social, work and family life, so what i can suggest you is IF both of you agree not to stay together then, dont give divorce to her, both of you just put it on stamp papers that you and her will not interfere in once other life and will not claim any responsibility of ones personal intrest and stay apart till the time you both of you realise the importance of family…but commit a SIN by giving Divorce…..Hope it will work for you both.

  2. thats bs, if you don’t love her, get the divorce, you only have one life to live and why waste her’s and your’s on unhappyness. I think if there is a god he would be more happy that you made her and yourself happy then sticking it out. don’t let the bs of some ‘sin’ be a threat. thats the problems with religion, they try to scare you into something your unhappy about because they are too SCARED to face their own unahappyness.

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