job with benefits

i took a job for the pay. it paid much better than where i was before. it was new company in town and they were situated in a first class building, with awesome office space. the managing director was really nice, and professional, and had everything on the ball. i worked for one of the other managers, and didn’t have much contact with him, until one evening when i had to work late. he escorted me out of the building and waited with me to catch a cab. after that he always said hi to me, and asked how i was doing, and then i was moved to a personal office, away from the open work area. one day as he was going to lunch he asked me to go with him. i accepted, and we talked and i liked him a lot. this turned into a regular thing. the other girls in the office would look at me when i left with him, and no matter my comments to contrary they assumed i was sleeping with him. well, it was bound to happen, one day at lunch he put his hand on mine and held my hand for the longest time. after that he offered me a ride home in his car. and then, i had dinner with him, and then tea in my apartment, and then i had him between my legs. the girls were right. today i am his, he pays my rent, my job is untouchable, my status at work is at the top, he consults me about everything, we eat lunch almost every day, and at night i sleep with him. the other night, when he made love to me, as he penetrated me, he looked up and held my head and looked into my eyes, and he told me i belonged to him. he told me, right then before he came, that i was to get pregnant for him. now i am going to be a mother, i am my boss’ mistress and pregnant with his baby, i am in a honey trap i can’t get out of. i have job with benefits, but not the benefits i thought about when taking the job. i am a young moslem woman, and he is older anglo male, i stepped over the line, and cannot go back to my people. i pray and hope he will keep me.
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