i was talking to a friend a while ago

i was talking to a friend a while ago and i told her i wear pink womens underwear and trouser she giggled a bit but was ok, the other day me and 3 of her friends were out and she came up behind me and pulled my trousers down and her friend took a picture me in pink underwear and tights, she couldnt stop laughing and since then there calling me girly stuff , yes i use to mess bully her a bit and make fun of her but now feel embarrassed,they said there going shopping and said if i dont got wearing my clothes with them they show all my mates and put the picture on the internet and post my g/friend e-mail up for people to mail her about me (she making me put it up now or she txt me mates her photo) what will i do and could you tell these are womens if i wear them out
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