I grew up

When I came to this country I was determined to make it big and have money and everything. I was going to be an actress. Ten years later I had nothing. Today I live modestly well because I married a man. Because he has a good job and he supports me. I have become a wife, and I stay at home. And I do everything that my mother did for my father back home. He likes that, he likes having a latin woman to take care of him. So I take care of him, and I live a good life. And yes, not that it matters, but I have his children which I take care of. When my friends from home ask me what happened, I just tell them that I grew up. But I still dream of being an actress one day. And I go to bed every night and wait for him to pull me close and then I go to sleep, and the next day I get up and make him his coffee.
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