Forgive me not

I’ve had a crush on my best friend for a while and during our last sleep over I had an erotic dream about her. I woke up sweaty and my panties were soaked. My friend was still in a deep sleep, but she had shifted during the night and was laying on top me. i was getting too aroused and tried to leave the bed, but she had a strong grip on my shirt. I was able to slip out of it, but froze when she turned over onto her back. Seeing that she was still asleep i tried to climb over her to get out of the bed, but then i stopped. Here i was hovering over the object of my desire clad in nothing but my panties as she slept soundly. I know that it was wrong, but i just couldn’t help myself. I kissed her on the lips and when she still din’t wake up i got a bit bolder. I lifted up her shirt and felt her breast. She started squirming in her sleep, but i didn’t stop. It wasn’t until i forced my tongue into her mouth that she began to wake up. I heard her gasp and quickly jumped off of her. Surprised eyes stared into mine, but then I panicked and fled from her room. I’m ashamed of my actions and haven’t spoken to her since then. I avoid her at all cost, not wanting to see the look of disgust and hatred on her face. I’ve ruined any chance I ever had of having a relationship with her. All i want now is to apologize even though I don’t deserve her forgiveness.
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