eating me up

in my mind, i feel like i am going crazy. this thursday, a new semester begins. i am worying if i might have class and lunch with that no good son of a bitch. its hard for me to sleep at night. im worrying if i still get to be on the honor roll. i want to do the best i can to get all As and Bs. i only want one c. i feel so miserable and i feel like people are forgetting about me. im in pain, i don’t even know what to do. The only thing i could do is pray for the best. i want the lord to relieve me of this pain in my mind. if i have to be a loner, then so be it. please, get this mental pain out of my mind. i want to feel joy and happiness. im tired of waking up in the morning, depressed and angry. im just sick of it all. im begging god to heal me. please, i promise i will get good grades and i promise i wont bash anybody else. im sorry!!!! help me!!!!!!
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