Dont Know What To Do!!

I feel as if my life will go in the right direction and I always find a way to mess it up some how, like how do I spend 2000 dollars without thinking. Now i dont have to money to go to school. And replacing the money is even harder (no job), and no wants to hire me. I cant be a failure but it seems no beating it this time. I guess my luck has ran out great, and things were going good. But time for change. Hope things workout.
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  1. Well if you dont have a job you have plenty of free time .There are a lot of things that you can do to earn money until you get a job.You dont mention if you are male or female but a persons sex doesnt really matter,,there are A LOT of horny men out there who will pay you to suck their cocks and even more to fuck you in your ass . Yes it is degrading but times are tight and it is money coming in till you can find a full time normal job .

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