i studied in a boarding school, as my family lived on a farm. my roommate was from the city, and was much more agressive than me. he always talked about sex, and i listened, because he appeared to know so much. i noticed at night that he would masturbate, and one night he caught me watching. he challenged me as to what i was doing, and as i kept my silence from my embarrasment, he got up and brought his fully erect penis to me. i just looked up at him, and he put it against my mouth and told me to open, and then he put his hand on my head and and thrust it against my lips and i opened my mouth. i won’t say i sucked him, it was more that he had sex with my mouth. i can’t describe the taste, it was just so good, and when he came, i spat it out. from that day i was his bitch. he would lay on his bed and order me to come over and get him hard, and i would suck him and do what ever he liked. sometimes he would make me crawl over, which made me want it even more. it wasn’t long before he took me from behind. for me it was like a drug, i couldn’t get enough. i became his lover, and we did things every night. he loved to torment me and deny me, and i would just want it more. he would punish me at times, and tell me he had another lover. i would do anything for him, just please give me more. and so i discovered my most delicious treat, i can’t do without. i like it most when i am treated hard. i don’t deny i’m a bitch, it is just the most delicious thing. and when i’m alone, i always remember my first master at school, and have the most delicious orgasms thinking of him.
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