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    I’m a weirdo. I stalk people

    I’m a weirdo. I stalk people, as in internet personalities because I’m interested in what they say. I send people hate messages. Or not really, it isn’t for the purpose of spreading hate but because I’m angered by someone’s wrong opinions. Those same people I send nice messages to as well. I feel intense guilt […] More

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    I was sexually assaulted in a bus

    I am 17 (F) I was sexually assaulted when I was just a kid I don’t even remember what age I was I just remember what happened, my dad use to work in a different state than where our house was so my mom and me were taking a bus to visit dad but the […] More

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    I like him watching me

    My husband and I bought a house last year for a great price, mainly because it needs a lot of work done and total up-dating. It’s been a mess since we moved in and most of the work is being done by my husband. The new kitchen is done and most of the new bathroom […] More

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    I shouldn’t have lost my temper the other day

    Dear Heavenly Father: I shouldn’t have lost my temper the other day. I don’t like that person, and he wanted me to stay in his office discussing work, I got impatient. I felt he is an idiot. In fact, the whole industry is controlled by idiots, the whole country is controlled by a group of […] More

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    I never wanted to see this

    I really respect my dad and my mom but this is something I cant take out of my mind. I know they have their life getting physically attractive. But last night nobody was sleep and we siblings were in another room and having time. I was studying and realised that I needed a book at […] More

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    My infatuation with cartoons

    I am a teen, but I’m worried that my infatuation with cartoons will stay with me well into my 20’s and 30’s. I get really into shipping and fanfiction and just artwork that corresponds to a show. I don’t want to be that weird creepy, slightly paedophile-vibed person when I’m older, but I also don’t […] More

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