Donator stealer

i seen a group getting around cleveland and capalaba in a old 1970s panel van calling themselves The Kidney Thieves… when i was at university law school there was a story going around about someone loosing both his kidneys… to a black market organ donation gang that steal them from people.

the guy meets a group of people in a pub, they are satanic medical students who make money in illegal organs black markets … he wakes up no kidneys in a bath of ice and phone near by and lipstick writing over his arms and chest saying ring 000 for ambulance or you will die.. i fear what my neighbors are up to and worry myself shitless they have some sucker on a machine and hacking into him with a chainsaw and eating his flesh bit by bit til he dies… the last thing they cut off his is head while he on a life support or lung machine etc… and cant move.

i know i am disturbed but at least i have an imagination…

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