Almost Every Weekend My Moms Best Friend Brings Her Daughter Corina Who They Thought I Enjoy

Almost every weekend my moms best friend brings her daughter Corina who they
thought I enjoy being with.

We do play video games but months ago it got crazy.

I’m 17 and Corina is 15.

She is fat and not my type first of all and she is very pushy and a brat.

My mom and her mom go to the casino almost every Saturday and are there from
noon until night time.

Our bathroom door don’t lock but it didn’t matter until 4 months ago.

I was in the shower when Corina began knocking and saying she had to pee bad.

I told her to wait a minute

but before I could do anything she came in pulled down her shorts and sat on the

The shower has a glass door and this was the first time she saw me naked.

I did cover my penis with my hands but she just sat on the toilet talking to me
and wiped herself at the same time.

She just kept looking at me and finally left after I told her to get out 10

She had the nerve to tell me it was ok for her to come in so she could pee and
said I was to self conscious.

Two weeks later she did the same thing and this time she must have sat on the
toilet for at least 5 minutes.

That time I let her see my dick and balls thinking she would get out.

Instead she just kept looking at me and without intending to I got a hard on.

It got to where she would keep asking me when I was going to take a shower and
telling me she wanted to see me naked.

It is about 3 months now that she comes in and not only watches me shower but
encourages me to masturbate in front of her.

Its real crazy because at first I was embarrassed but now I like her watching

She still pees and wipes herself in front of me but she never has taken any of
her clothes off.

I do think she is ashamed of her body because of her weight

so I never ask her to.

For the last couple months I let her watch me get undressed and when out of the
shower she watches me dry myself and get dressed again.

The whole time she stares at my junk and twice so far she asked me to show her
my anus.

She has told me a lot of times that I am the only boy she has ever seen naked.

I did ask her to jerk me off a couple times but so far she won’t do it and says
she just likes looking at me.

I use to hate when she came here

but now I like her watching me and even like her watching me masturbate.

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