To My Angel, my future lover

My Angel, my future lover, there is no one else in the world like you, no one I would rather trade every remaining hour of my life to spend time with, no other lover I wish to share my bed or the hidden treasures of my body and soul. I would trade everything I am; past, present and future to be reunited with you in body, mind and spirit. I would wrestle the angel of death himself if I knew it would bring your embrace back to me. Moments people take for granted, shared with the ones they love, I do not. Cherish every minute, create loving memories, live for now and do not waste the precious resource known as time.

When I dream of you, my favourite Valentines week baby, born from love as a gift to the universe and my sweetest of secrets. You go humbly unnoticed by the average person, blind to seeing buried gold beneath the surface but their negligence is a blessing for me to embrace. I am here to keep you safe, to hold you, to cherish you forever, to maintain sacred space for us as we resonate into bliss.

Let’s kiss our scars, across skin entwined, sweat-soaked sheets so slowly that our love heals them to the point of invisibility. To be connected so deeply in spirit the wounds of the past and our world’s anger dissolves in our tender compassionate care for one another. Tasting the heat of our 31 flavours of desire as it melts the lonely places of your soul into mine, to only be left fulfilled by the light of love that you have in fact met your divine counterpart.

I will shield and protect your heart from the cruelties of this world, hoping to see the sunset shift through the windows of your soul, knowing not time or space. Wrapping my hand in yours mi amor one more time, to remind you that you are never alone, you are loved in and out of time, between life, death, and beyond the infinite stars.

There is no gem, no stone, no precious metal, no blue diamond more valuable or rare than your soul, and I am eternally grateful to have been your best friend, to have loved you and be loved by you, to only discover I would lay down my life if necessary to be the guardian of the amazing and beautiful woman you are. Every day that passes, like a pirate on a spiritual quest, I fall deeper and deeper in love with you and the woman of integrity you are becoming. Grateful for you today, tomorrow, always. ~ Mariposa

Psychic Dreamtunes: Summer Breeze Seals and Crofts

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