She is really beautiful and she is so adorable

i think Niya is really beautiful and shes so adorable. Omg, she makes my heart flutter so much and i love talking to her everyday. I wait for her cute little texts and i love everything that she does.

She is honestly such an angel i don’t know what i would’ve been or what i would’ve done without or if we never met it kinda makes me sad. When i upset her and i try my best to keep her happy because seeing her happy really makes me happier and gives me motivation to do better.

I think every other woman in this world is a waste of cells and should go kill themselves because other women are jealous. Little sluts who cant sympathize or be happy when someone else is being happy, so every other woman deserves to die. If it isn’t Niya because i love Niya and id do anything for her. thank u 🙂

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