My Feelings For You Have Subsided

My feelings for you have subsided.

Mainly because the angels in my dreams showed me the real you overdosed on laced cocaine at a party and died.

You were suffering from a split personality disorder due to the abuse you endured in rehab.

The weaker personality stays sitting, holding her teen face to her knees.

The stronger personality plays dress up, and lives the superficial life to ensure the weaker one survives but she has more toxic traits like drinking too much, lying about her sobriety to keep you trapped and her powdered nose habit that keeps you chained in a hamster wheel of toxic unhealthy coping mechanisms.

When you died, died out of the blue.

Your older brother replaced you with a clone or look alike, so he could take control of your money and business empire.

So we'll groomed to know the smallest nuances of the dirtiest City in France, even your rich parents can't tell the difference between their biological daughter and fake you.

The lady that got fake married to the gay guy to play up to celebrity appearances is not the real you.

I don't think the woman I met would marry a man who abandoned his own infant or stayed mia for the first seven years of her life.

She was too smart to live in denial because what kind of man abandons a helpless baby for years?

Not a nice one.

Sure he will kiss your ass and lie to your face to hold onto his billion dollar bank of French Assets but his fake mask will fall off eventually.

Honey, it would be better to pick out an anonymous sperm donor than be living a lie.

The strong woman I knew would never ever build her emotional security on a false foundation of lies.

Sure, people make mistakes but you can never trust anyone who leaves a helpless infant to fend for themselves.

Your prince charming is more like a Devil in disguise who loves the love of money and puts material things before his own infant or flesh and blood.

The same way your other toxic black friend got 7 assault charges for beating up her assistants..toxic painted in glamour.

The girl I knew would not settle for the bottom of the barrel in character or love, much less the nest best thing.

My friend I adored would never have blown me off when I asked her for help during a pandemic, she would not have cruelly disregarded me on appearances or because I did not drive the most expensive car or she didn't like my paint job or my house.

The real you was capable of seeing past the surface and so generous she would have just bought me whatever I needed, brand new.

Fake you is so greedy living a lie, you are never satisfied and more selfish.

My sweet friend, died many years ago. Rest in Peace.

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