I want to say that i see people around and i really dont understand why they are ssssoooooooooo frustrated,,i have been heart broken twice …… scared to fall in love!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Its just matter of time hello rhaniya..

    I understand what u r feeling, this is matter of time. As the time progressed your feelings will change towards society and love.

    And trust me you yourself will start loving some one.

    By the way does anyone know what this name Rhaniya means?

  2. hi, nester, hi,
    its nice to see ur reply,i confess its hard to beat the feeling to have someone,,,,,,,,,loneliness kills!!!!!!1

  3. I understand you Hi rhaniya,

    I understand what you are feeling, its really a bad feeling of loniless.

    Where r u from? What is this country PK?

    I am nester from United States

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