I love you Josh. Adam knows.

I’m in love with you Josh. I only really got to know you as we were gearing up for the wedding. I look at pictures of us cutting the cake, with you there, smiling, supporting your friends getting married. Its no secret I am crushing on you. Shawn probably told you what I told her at that party, if she wasn’t too tipsed out to remember. She had a lot of her own stuff going on. I know you wouldn’t think of it, me being your friend’s wife. You maybe thought it before, but once it was “done” I’m pretty sure you were done with me. As you should be. Now we can’t find you. Its suspected that you are in jail. I’ve been looking for you, every day. I cry. I think things about love, and I know, I don’t even really know you. And what I DO know of you, it would never EVER work out. So why do I ACHE just to see you?!?! I’m physically attracted to you, yes. I’m taken by your charm, as is every woman who’s ever met you I’m sure. I’m married… I love my husband, I am IN love with my husband. I love you too. I hope, when we find you, that you will always be our brother, and that it won’t kill me to have it that way.
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