I Have a Crush on my Math Teacher

The Teacher, whom I will call Eliza for the sake of this story, is my Math Teacher… she is young for a Teacher… She is also very kind, and rather Beautiful.

When I turned 14 I started High School, I got to know Eliza quickly since I was always a bit of a mischief maker, and she always was the first to bring me to the Principal’s Office… Eliza really scared me straight after the first year. Around my second year when I was 15, I developed deep respect for her since she went the extra mile to connect with everyone in the class she was teaching, and even pacifying the other trouble-makers.

At the start of the third year, when I turned 16, I was struggling to keep up with my classes, Eliza was good at more than just teaching Math, as I found out during the time when she was tutoring me, I even took the “does she like me quiz” to find answers to her behavior.

When Eliza tutored me, we became somewhat good friends… which I know goes against how many people perceive how Teachers and Students interact with each other, but I never thought much about that issue… I did sometimes do things with her as friends, like catch a movie, or chat. I did grow feelings for her during all this, and boys never appealed to me even thought I found q’s to ask a guy but i just could not do it, and I actually talked to her about it after school one day, while half-expecting her to laugh it off since it felt silly, but she seemed flattered more still anything, just telling me “we can talk about it later”….

Then during the weekend when school was out, Eliza calls me asking about grabbing lunch, and I naturally accept. When we met up there, she says she called me since she wanted to talk about what I said to her. So we chat it up a long while, I find out she herself is a lesbian, but she wanted to wait until the weekend to tell me.

Eliza tells me we can try dating when I am 18, and if I feel up to it then, but for now she is just my Teacher. She was really encouraging me to do what I want, while at the same time told me to consider looking at students my age for the moment…. Eliza then told me to tell my Parents if I hadn’t already. She then kissed me on the head in a motherly way when that was all done.

I might have to take Eliza’s advice at looking at other students, but knowing Eliza is open, I have something to look forward to. still, I never expected a Teacher to be that sort of compassionate, yet wise person until I met her.

Just out of curiosity… what do you guys think I should do?

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