ATerrible wife

I married very young, and though I know that is not an excuse it is a beginning. I fell out of love with my husband on or around our 7th wedding anniversary. I had an affair with my High school sweetheart about this time, my husband discovered the affair after it had ended. At that time he told me that I couldn’t leave him that we had kids and I had to stay for them…that the only way to raise our family was together. I am miserable I love him but I am not IN love with him anymore. He deserves to be loved by someone that loves him and so do I. I have found someone that I love he doesn’t know that I am married though….I am commiting adultry and I am having sex before marriage with another man whom I love more then anything. I can’t bring myself to leave my husband to break up our family but I dont love him anymore……
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  1. Marriage
    Hi Dear,

    Marriage is a knot which ties individuals together for entire life, please think about your kids and your husband before you start enjoying with someone else.

    Fall in love all over again with your husband as couples are made in Heaven.

  2. Divorce It’s not a four letter word. You made a mistake by marrying young don’t make it and again with the affairs. Don’t make it worse by continuing to stay and make yourself miserable. You will be making your family miserable. The relationship between you and your husband serves as an example for your children. Do you want your children growing up thinking that a loveless marriage with infidelity is the way to go? Or would you rather make the tough choice, end things, and move towards a future that brings happiness to everyone? You have one life to live and you are wasting it. Divorce can be rough on children if handled poorly but ultimately they will survive it fine like so many other children do. Children do not do well in environments where the parents resent each other, where there isn’t real love. If you aren’t happy and know that you can’t be in this marriage, the fairest thing is to end it.

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