Which Is Why I Took An Entire Year Off

Pt 6: CHILDREN and protecting their innocence is our most precious resource because they are the future.

The more children are harmed through human trafficking, trauma, robbed of their families, or killed via abortion, incest or any form of abuse, the world will sit and remain in judgement.

Which is why I took an entire year off.

Saw a few clients on occasion but many healers and intutives like myself do not challenge the Angels of Death, Destruction, and the Horsemen of Infirmity when they are working overtime collecting souls.

You may not even believe in God, but even a Satanist is better than an atheist any day because they have the intelligence to know there is a spiritual power even greater than themselves guiding the moon and the stars and the sun and souls in our Universe.

Even Noah saw the angels when he built the ark and was hidden from them to spare his life, the same angels that flew over on Passover so they are not to be messed with on any level and must be respected.

We intuitives all know the world sits in judgement for their wickedness and tolerance of the harm of God’s most precious gifts (innocent children) and FAILURE TO PROTECT THEM AND HIS CREATIONS FROM GREED AT ALL COSTS.

Many more will continue to die until people rise up to protect our childrens innocence and value them and our wildlife which MANKIND WAS ENTRUSTED TO SAFEGUARD and STEWARD more than land, material possessions, real estate or money.

The punishment for child sex or child porn crimes must become more severe, as in the death penalty, or by gunfire at sunset daily to send a chilling message to the world of adult pedophiles and criminals, to rogue military or police selling our children and cartel for profit that the injustice and evil will no longer be tolerated and swiftly dealt with a life ending punishment.

Our only option is if someone affluent would rise to covertly hire ex military veterans specially trainned to handle these wicked people and traffickers accordingly and privately like a Anti-Sex Crime Mafia.

The world must be cleansed of it’s wickedness one way or the other if humanity is to continue to thrive on any level.

We cannot selfishly sit in our modern luxuries driving by red light districts, prostitution rings, escorts on the street or homeless people turning a blind eye as though they do not exist.

Every soul is valuable to God and the lost must be found, healed, restored through kindness and love of Adonai and Yahweh (Jesus) the healer.

5) The Eve of Yom Kippur on Oct 4 is when this ritual is the most powerful, and you can save the date to do it again.

Up until then you can repeat every 30 days if the Holy Spirit presses upon a specific issue on your heart that needs healing within yourself or your family or the world.

Prayer intercessors are real and ask the Angels for their help.

If you do not ask, they cannot intervene, so ask.

If it is for the greater good of everyone, and not selfish your request will be heard. Shalom

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