Time to Get Away

All my life, I have been wanting to get away from my family because i dislike them. i hated living with my brother because he is such a dick and i hate living with my two sisters because they are bitches. i am seriously thinking about just running away because I am tired of dealing with this. i already had a bad day at school and this morning, i woke up ready to kill my self. now, i might have to go to that lady’s house for yard work and she got kids to do that. i never forget how my little sister treated me and how she always embarrassed me. i hate that little bitch. she is going to get hers one day because there is karma to do the job. god don’t like ugly you know. when i get a job and become financially situated, i am getting the hell away from my family and never talking to these people again. they can all go to hell.

Confessed by: Upset
Gender: Male
Country: United States

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  1. I actually did run away from home, the police caught me after three days and took me back. While I was in police custody one officer spoke very kindly to me, pointing out I was almost 15 and that in just over three years I could leave home legally and no-one could stop me. He made me promise to try and stick it out. I did, left home almost exactly three years later and never had much more to do with my family, though over the years I got much more friendly with all except one sister (I had two sisters and a brother.

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