My Sister Is Dead to Me

I never thought that I would see the day where love can create more brokenness in a family or that love is like a terminal disease. When my sister fell in love with someone who decided to migrate halfway around the world in 5 years time, I started to distant myself from her.

To me she is dead and actually she has been dead to me for quite some time already. I maybe a selfish person and it maybe my problem. but the truth is in my mind nobody is to be blame. it’s like my sister has terminal illness. nobody is to blame. She will die in 5 years time and no one can do anything about it.

Actually, this in itself is not a secret, this morning when my mom tried to persuade her out of migrating, I interrupted the discussion rather rudely and I mean every word when I told her that she is dead to me and nothing can bring the dead back to life. When my mom ask me to say sorry and take back what I say.. I didn’t and I couldn’t, because I truly meant every word I said.

The steadier her relationship is the more dead she is to me. Even if she tells me how much she loves me and how much she love my me she has died.

If her plans to migrate fail, I will take it as a miracle cure that she has come back to life and treat her as someone alive rather than dead.

I am not making her choose between her partner or me. Nobody can choose the day that they will die and nobody can choose the day where someone would treat them as dead rather than alive no matter how much love there is between two person before this.

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