my sister-in-law

My 33 yo filippina sis-in-law seduced me while giving me a massage.I’m 57.I’m married for 20 yrs to her sis Kristen.This happened at Christmas when she & her family visited us.We had sex several more times that week before they left.I feel ashamed that I broke my wedding vows but my sis-in-law says she loves me & only married her husband because he lived near her sister & me.She has vowed that her sister will never know & she’ll stay married to her husband.Nothing like this had ever even been hinted at between us before this Christmas.My sis-in-law says that her husband “Billy” has’nt shown her affection since her hysterectomy.She has 2 kids by him & did not want more(he does) & she feels their sex life is done.She says she won’t be with any other man but me & Ido have feelings for her.I curse my weakness.I love my wife but can’t keep my hands off “Julie”.I’ll be visiting them in Georgia this coming week on my way to see my mom in florida.I know that we’ll have sex again.I’m too weak to turn her down.I feel so flattered that a beautiful young woman desires me that way.Forgive me.
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