I Found Myself Very Lonely and Shattered

Today i would like to share something that happened to me two week ago, I was traveling to different places, a place where tribals like me is seen very rare. Or you could say faces that are very different from the mainland people. Honestly, i enjoyed a lot but at the same time, something happened one day, where i found myself very lonely and shattered.

I heard someone telling me as chinki just because my eyes look somehow different from them. To be honest i felt so bad, i never felt so low ever before, as i never encountered people like them. I’ve read and heard many stories about our northeastern brother and sister regarding the word chinki. But at that time I thought it wasn’t a very big deal until i myself faced the same thing that day.

I couldn’t control my anger and I replied back with anger to people who said that word to me, while the tears streaming down my cheeKs. And after few days of visiting places someone asked me about my dish. Where i told them that bamboo shoot is the dish that people from my state usually prefer to eat. And then again i had to hear about it. Maybe because they don’t find it delicious but i felt that it was kinda insult for my land’s dish.

What i mean is no people would want to hear something bad about their dish. So i reacted on this as well. So that’s what happened with me. I burst into tears as i left the dining hall. And lot of things happened. Which I can’t mention it here. (But this is not exactly what i wanted to tell you all. You will understand it when you reach the end of this message).

And after few days I returned to my state, and as i was discussing with my dad about everything that happened to me when i was visiting places. I told him everything with a lot of anger. He understood my situation but he told me something that made me repent for whatever i did back there. He said “whatever the people say, let them say, it should be you who is supposed to control your emotion “sometimes temptation don’t come physically it comes with someone’s tongue as well. And you should be able to overcome it, rather than falling into the temptation that has come to test you.

The temptation is all around us, even Jesus was tempted in the desert. And that very moment i could see how God’s word can change someone’s heart and make the environment cool down. And i was so proud of my dad, that voices inside my heart said..Yes! That’s my dad. And this is all because of our good God that gives him wisdom. And last but not the least, my dad could be a poor person and not be able to provide everything that i wanted but he is really a rich and kind person by heart that would provide a good words about God and make me a good person.


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