Family Love

My dad and I would go to work out at the Y, regularly since I started in soccer and competitive swimming. It’s the one way we’ve bonded. I always looked up to him and quiet proud that he’s a good looks run in our family.

Although I’m 19, I’ve got a pretty young dad, he’s 33. He and my mom had me when they were only 14. Being from a Lutheran German family, they had to take responsibility early on, go to school, work, and raise me then got their GED at 16 and were lucky enough to go to college.

My mother died at 25 in a car accident, hit by a drunk driver. With the settlement money we moved to Oregon to start a new life. It’s been just me and my dad ever since.

My dad said he’ll never marry again, but, he does have allot of girls over. He’s been dating this really nice lady for the past five years. It’s okay if he renigs, I like her and she moved in with her son, who have become my best-friend and we call each other brother.

My brother and I are straight with girlfriends, but we started fooling around when we found one of our parents sex tapes. We started watching them and have been doing so for almost the entire time we’ve been like a family. Since they are swingers and big into porn, my dad and his girlfriend fucks both guys and girls, so I’ve known my dad is bi.

My brother and I are fuck buddies and we’ve often discussed what it would be like fucking our parents. A couple of years ago our dreams came true.

Every time my dad and I go to work out at the Y, he leaves to go for a jog in the nearby park before we hit the sauna and showers. A couple of years ago I decided to catch up and join him rather then doing indoor sprinting. While trying to catch up to him, he slipped into the men’s restroom. I kept jogging in place waiting for him to come out. After about five minutes, I went in and bent over to look under the toilet stalls. I finally found his shoes at the end stall facing the one next to it. It’s obvious that he’s getting a blow-job. That was so fucking hot.

The next day we went to the Y again and this time while he thought I was going for my indoor sprint, I got to the park bathroom before him and waited nervously. three minutes later someone entered the stall next to mine. I had a tissue in the gloryhole. I took a peak and it was my dads running shorts. I tapped the hole and out came his cock already rising to attention. He pushed his cock through the hole and into my eagerly awaiting mouth. I sucked him like nothing I’ve ever sucked in my life. His big pink cock was finally in me and pulsated and spurt hot sweet-salty cum onto the back of my throat. I got up, he pulled out and tapped the hole. I stuck my cock in and he eagerly started sucking, I accidentally stepped forward while trying to push my body against the stall divider. My dad stopped, he saw my running sandals and recognized my feet.

There was dead silence for a long time. I finally said, “Please don’t stop, it’s okay.” This time his sucking was slower as he savored my cock. I came within five minutes and he sucked on every last drop of cum. We left and talked after that. I’ve always been close to my dad, but at that moment, I never felt closer. I assured him no guilt, I told him about the porn, my brother being also my fuck buddy. Our incestuous desires, that my bro and I want to produce porn after we become physical therapists.

That night, my dad and I went into the woods to camp with my brother. Impromptu camping trip and we had a threesome multiple times that night. We even devised a plan to seduce his girlfriend. Within a week my brother was fucking his mom. It turned out that she wanted his cock all along. Ever since she caught him jerking off with her panties when he was younger. My dad told her the story and she said he was lucky. He told her that her son wants her too and she worked up the courage to kiss him, which turned to fucking.

Since then, our parents married and we’ve been fucking each other, the desire to swing is bested by our fucking as a family. We found a nice large network of families who are part of the consensual adult incest community and play with them, regularly traveling to meet-up. My brother and I now have girlfriends from the consensual adult incest community, so we don’t have to hide or worry about anyone finding out. I wish everyone could be so lucky! This is my true confession.

Confessed by: HJ
Gender: Male
Country: United States

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  1. Your lucky. I caught my dad jerking once and then kept walking in on him during porn. We finally started to watch porn together while jacking off. I wish it would go farther.

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