Dealing with a Classmate I Despise

ok so there is this one girl in my class and i hate her so much she is such a copycat that she copies my every action and ive told my mom about her so many times and my mom says that she is just jealous and that you will meet so many people like her but i seriously have problem with she is a pickme girl always trying to impress the boys and the teachers.

i think she just thinks that we are fool enough to not notice her actions plus our class students doesnt even like her and no girls sits with so boys have to sit her unwillingingly . she just tries to degrade me every time but always gets insulted herself.

today she made me feel so bad about myself just like those typical fake friends do i dont talk to her but she always does interferes in buisness. she thinks that she is the most beautiful and genius girl in our school she was my friend when i first came into this school but then i started noticing her behaviour slowly and detached myself from her.

TBH i dont even wanna study in this school and i am just waiting for the finals to be over so that i can quickly get outta here. since ive always got the same answer from my mom so i decided to not tell her about it anymore and hence i ended up writting here.

i hate my school and now that i know that i can get outta here once the finals are over everyday it feels like a pure torture plus since our republic day is coming tommorow and i’ve prepared to do nothing for that this one teacher is like forcing me to perform and making me feel like i am the most shittiest person in the school.

but i said fuck that i am gonna be absent tommorow.

i hate our maths teacher so much the previous one was a good one and always motivated us to study  but this one he is such a fucking jerk he gets angry really fast and his ego OMG his ego gets hurted so easily that he always takes a kinda revenge from me. Like whenever he is proven wrong he doesnt like it and tries to divert our attention to another topic

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