zero love life

i am zero love life.. as in… actually , i never think about having a boyfriend until i turned 16, i came to care about it! i realized that i need someone to share my happiness with.. to share myself! i wanna be wih someone i would love with all my heart, i want to experience none sense arguments with him, i wanna hold his hands, and i wanna experience the feeling when you had a first kiss from your first love.. if i met this guy, im not letting him go.. im gonna hold him as long as i can.. hope to find the one who really deserves..

(NOTE;; i’ve been cheated by someone.. the good thing is i don’t gave my 100% .. i just gave the 1/4 of it.. haha :D;D — we’re not lovers, we call it MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING.. theres no us ! he said he love me , and i thought i love him too !:D there’s no commitment at all.. not considered as FIRST BOY FRIEND and i didn’t love him at all! )

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