Two Men and a Lady

Last night my boyfriend invited his friend to my house. We all had sex until 3 a.m. And then we all fucked again in the morning a couple times. It was awesome!
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  1. advice Well, Kevin, I won’t email you personally, but I will say that there are some women out there who are empowered in their sexuality. Not slutty. But open to experiences. We are often educated, attractive and warm. Maybe look for a college student or graduate who likes to party, but also work hard and take care of herself. Women like us explore our sexuality instead of deny it. So, remember, educated party girls who hold down jobs, and even women who are older and have children, often fall into this category. Also, I think some women are just “waiting” to be asked such a thing… My boyfriend had never even considered it until I brought it up. It was fun, and because he’s not needy and I have (too) high self-esteem, it was a recipe for a great night. Good luck!

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