Toying with me…..

Wth? You said you didn’t read my fb note that just let you and you alone read it, confessing how I feel for you, including wanting to be in your arms and your bed instead of your wife being there, and next photo you post is of you sitting in bed, looking all smug and trying not to laugh…..So you did NOT cut me off from fb, which was surprising, nor did you acknowledge reading the post, ever. You just started talking to me by message again, even with a little smiley face. I guess I pissed you off with the comment that I had no boyfriend on fb, to throw off someone. Well, awesome. Since I have been missing you since we had to break up when we moved in 1986. You wanted me to drive down with you but my dad said no way, and that was the last I ever saw you, even though we could have easily met up since I was living right by my grandma who’s phone number I still had. But you would not let me NOT be your facebook friend, so I am thinking you DO have strong feelings for me, even though we are both in bad marriages. We live hours away which is amazing. So how will this play out? When are we both going to call it quits? Well, it’s killing me. Have to suck it up for now. I am amazed you still want to be in touch and talk once in a while. Floors me as most guys would RUN from their ex’s. If we were not married I’d be doing what I could to get this back on track, because you never said let’s not see each other, ever. You just have to have me in your life somehow. I wish it would be more, and maybe in time, since both our marriages aren’t so great…..we have both been seperated. and you were flirting with me when you were seperated….so i know you do feel for me. but you are being a good husband for now, so why are you still holding on to any little contact with me?
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