The More Rum She Has The More Dumb She Is

Its been months now that I have hooked up with the most na‚àö√òve woman I have ever met.

Rhonda is 38 with a nice figure, fairly cute and a lush for rum and coke.

Within six weeks time I was able to have her jerk me off and freely come into my apartment when I'm naked.

It took another 3 weeks to get her to share my supposed nudism.

She believes everything I tell her and now after 3 months I can do anything with her.

All I have to do is suggest something and I can either have sex with her or have her give me head and jerk me off.

The more rum she has the more dumb she is.

I have had intercourse with her in every position I can think of and have invaded her body with several types of dildos and vibrators.

I have never seen a woman able to orgasm as much as Rhonda does.

She comes over twice a week and as soon as she walks in I only have to say strip to her.

When she blows me I tell her what to do and have her lick my scrotum and jerk me off as she does it.

She has told me I am the only one who ever penetrated her rectum.

She said she never tasted semen before but now she does every time she is here.

We will only sit on my sofa at times and watch tv but as we do she holding and playing with my penis and balls.

she is almost like having a slave and does anything I want her to do. She just does it.

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