soft core 1960s-70s fan

i admit i am a complete pervert and love soft core in mainstream film and tv movies like the 1960s and 1970s. right now i feel like i am reliving them that era porn makes me so horny for some reason the sheer scanty babydoll lingerie and femininity is far sexier then today. i wish there was more of it. i have read The Parasol Protectorate books and i seen this werewolf porn flick the 1970s and if they make that book series The Parasole Protectorate into a movie or series i hope they make it really softcore sexy in that 1970s genre…not rape cuz there is no rapes in the stories of that but actual werewolves having sex with women and fighting vampires having sex without blood and guts and neck shit…and i think bondage is over done. to be fair to that era of the 60s and 70s is underrated and i love vintage retro porn its better then most new shit. i hope they make the parasole protectorate with victorian romantic naughtiness but rape… and softcore sex in a 70s vintage genre. even the music in harpsicord is horny to me. the characters are older not young so that will evoke enough vintage… vintage bondage is better then modern as well… i am stuck in the 70s right now.
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