Sissy Want To Be

I want my wife to dress me up as a woman and make me have sex with men.

Confessed by: Sissy Gina
Gender: Male
From Country: United States

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  1. When my wife let me dress up and “made” me suck cock and to get fucked, I realized that I was meant to be a girl. She made me a cuckold and she picked out a guy with a very nice bulge in his pants and is way bigger than my pantywaste little clitty. When she was on her back with a man on top of her she said how great it is to feel a man’s cock after her little thing. We decided that I would not attempt sex as a man ever again.

    Now that wonderful girl is married to the man she picked out that night. He was great to give a blowjob to and he cums a lot. His wife doesn’t suck so once in awhile they call me to suck his cock. I am glad my penis is small I only wish I was born without one.

    I wish I was able to get pregnant and have the baby. Girls are so lucky and I wish I was born a girl.

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