hello “assholes”
how hard is it to insult, degrade, lessen someone when you have their entire ego, history et al in your hands?
so while you get your free time in, i’m getting braindamaged? i hope you stupid fucks get the footage when i go down.

i think it’s the “other sister” now. working in korea town was a big mistake. now my mother, the only person who ever sort of took care of me is dead, ironically at the hands of jews. there is not a “free soul” out there that wont regeritate my own history or personality to me, so i’m stuck in a mirror. help me pick out a wheelchair. looks like i’m forced marriaged with people i dislike. this gambling shit was arranged long ago. i want to see the day when the brands will go away and i see weird code where there should be familiar words. i’m stuck in the matrix. i really am, i’m actually praying for randomness and to keep what’s left of my eyes and to get more stuffing to my now empty brain. i hate you thomas im. i just wanted to be a normal adult. on to the next thing. something that someone with a computer military brain can’t comprehend. perhaps i’ll be that pretty soon.

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