My Story of Being a Bad Girl! Obsessed with Sex

Hi, so this is my story of being a bad girl! Obsessed with sex

A few details about me first. Let’s say I’m Shelly. Hindu-bengali-bold. I come from a conservative Indian family. Have one elder sis and one elder brother. Being the youngest, I was a very pampered kid.

For society, I am a very good, cultured, well-educated, brilliant and innocent girl. But I have a dark side too. Alright, I’m 23y, 5’5″, lean, gym fanatic. IITian(yes!), computer science, living in the USA now.

I would like to think I am way hotter than an average Indian girl. I was one of the most wanted girls in school and in college. I’m a very naughty girl, taking a lot of pleasure in doing things which are wrong/illegal.

I love listening to other people’s stories, spying, and fantasizing about them. That’s how I ended up on this website. I have stolen passwords, private pictures/videos, and read private chats of friends and families and I still do that every chance I get.

Enough about it, i want to write me whole life here.

How it started-

My 1st encounter with sex was when I was 13y, I saw my elder sister (7y older!) having sex with her bf. He was a family friend and came to our house for studies regularly. Every time he came when my parents were not home, my sis told me to go outside and lock the door as I “disturbed” them.

Eventually, I started hearing her moaning, whenever I asked, she said she hit her foot on the table or something. I grew curious, and one day I peeked from a gap in the window and saw them doing it.

That day something changed in me. I then started to watch them every chance I had. This was like a couple of times a month. I knew what sex was from my girlfriends at school. I started to search about it on the internet also. Slowly, I understood everything they did, and they did loooots of things.

I saw my sister do things I couldn’t even imagine at that time. Eventually, I started fingering myself, watching them and fantasizing about myself in my sister’s place. I started doing much worse things. I read their chats from my sister’s phone, all the hot ones.

We shared a laptop, and I am a computer geek. I knew all her passwords and knew where she hide all their private pictures and stuff. I copied them and still have them. Whenever I was alone in the afternoon, I saw those pictures and masturbated.

So many things have happened in my life since then, but I still sometimes like to see those pictures and pleasure myself. I also clicked some pictures of them once I got my personal mobile phone. I did some unspeakable things which I can confess only here.

I found that she was throwing their used condoms over the wall from our backyard. I sometimes looked for those and brought them back with me. I liked to smell it, squeeze his cum and play with it, taste it. Yes, I did these things. I used to rub that cum over my nipples and lips and masturbate with the other hand.

I also stole her panties and other clothes she used to make him cum or wipe his cum.

I did lots of more things which I will write some other day.

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