My step sister

I had i sexual relationship with my step sister for 3 years, i had fallen for her so badly and she had no idea. we have lived together on and of since then and we are extremly close but have never spoken of our past indescretions. Not a day goes by that i wouldn’t want to be with her again. I know it is wrong but it was the only time in my life that i felt in love……
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  1. i’m in trouble my current gf is prego with my child, and the reason she iis prego is because i was trying to do something radical to get over my ex. We were forced to seperate because her parents hated me and i had turned 18 when shes just 15. So 4 months into the relationship with the current gf I saw my ex and realizedI’m still very much in love with her and shes still in love with me. What do I do??

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