My Step Brother Slept with my Lover

Her name Naznin akter panna,was most characterless and sexy woman in the world. I could not see anywhere like her. She was my step sister in law and my step brother wanted to destroy my whole life by sexual using her. I was student of cla** eight in 1984 . My step brother married her elder sister after caught up unsocial sexual task in doyazipara under sitakund in the cittagong district of Bangladesh.

She was also class eight, but her breast was so biggest to look a married woman because her breast had been pressed by more sex partner before, my step brother one of them . I went her house at first after four years my step brother had been married. When I saw first, her dress was very sexy and excited .more part of her breast out of dress , she set down in same chair beside me,I was excited.

Then I touched her breast by my elbow, she was smiling and not denied me, I had been brave, then my hand went slowly into her vagina, she kissed me excited. My penis swelled up and been hard ,We could not tolerate ,we went their unused kitchen room and started enjoying sex .She sucked my penis and I sucked her vagina for a while.
Some liquid came out from my penis and some sap came out from her vagina, we drunk it easily, after a while excited swinger I pressed my penis on her vagina to enter inside. It entered easily she was groaning, I was entering my penis inside and backing outside for twenty minute, at last my vigor came out into vagina .Her house far four kilometer from me, but I went to her everyday as a sex addicted and I loved her very much. I did not know her previous sex history. My brother wanted to performed our marriage quickly and he could enjoy her permanently by advantage of my good faith. My own elder brother and my mother understood it and they denied, but my father agree with my step and her family.

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