It’s a good secret

My boyfriend and I haven’t been clicking in the bedroom lately because I just didn’t want sex. Well, for Lent, unbeknownst to him, I gave up masturbating- and it has made ALL the difference! I actually want sex- and I want sex from him! Now it seems obvious but before, when I was taking care of myself up to 3 time a day, it was just putting a killer on my needs from him. And there’s the fact that it put a damper on our emotional connection. But now sex is fantastic and he doesn’t know why- he thinks it’s this ‘diet’ I’m on. (And it is…kinda…) But I’m loving this. This is neat! lol – See more at:
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  1. Haha Good for you, and good for your guy 🙂 Though it would’ve been better if you let hi think it was something awesome HE was doing now 😛 would do wonders for his confidence.

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