Inappropriate love

I’m facing a lot of police attention in my life seemingly unceasingly, as though my own karma is coming back to me all at once. I’m not a bad guy, neither criminal nor sinister, but it’s like there’s no stopping this force wherever it is coming from. It’s like someone wants my demise, and they won’t besatisfied until I am either publicly humiliated or behind bars. I need forgiveness, and clear insight as to what I have done to anger this force, so I can make ammends. Most recently I was in love with a 15 year old girl (legal age in UK is 16), and even though I was not intending to cross the line with her, our relationship has attracted the attention of her wider family, and now the authorities, and I’m being questioned by police. They confiscated my laptop. I feel so hounded. I truly loved this girl and I was intending to be with her for at least 10-15 years in a faithful, exclusive relationship. But because our friendship has attracted all this attention, suspicions have been raised that I am a predator, that i was taking advantage of her naivete, etc etc… I just want my credibility back. I want people to trust me, and believe in me again, because |i wish no one any harm, and thsi has all been motivated by love.
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  1. 15? I notice you don’t mention how old you are … Your confession reeks of a shallow rationalization so you can bang a minor — get a life, creep.

  2. to gpc111 we all need love. I wasn’t particularly looking for a minor and there are thousands of minors I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. Generally I find them sweaty and obnoxious. When I met this girl it felt like I’d known her my entire life. A lot of time has passed since I wrote this, and I no longer feel oppressed by forces. I’m a lot freer and at peace with myself.

  3. NcmZraHFSFyLB Hi Caitllin, I hope this email finds you well and landed safley in New York. I miss you so much and just need to know you are having a great time and are safe.Talk to o you soon, Love Wranger.XXX

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