I sucked a guy

I sucked off a guy I met though he was older then me and I was always curios I didn’t enjoy it his penis was small he had lots of hair his balls smelled really bad I didn’t like it which makes me only assume i’m not gay I wouldn’t say I’m 100% straight because I’ve been inlove with a neighbor for a long while now but I know that won’t go anywhere
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  1. I did I was a 11 year old boy when I visited a family friend who was a widower on his farm. He was 63. We slept in the same bed and he started wanking me. Soon he had me suck his cock. At first I was very embarrassed, but soon started to enjoy it. In the end I had to suck him every night as well as in the mornings when we woke up. I didn’t tell anybody about it. Later when I was 13 I did it again with a friend who was 18. Now 25 years later I am happily married but sometimes still think about it.

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