I like him…I think

I like this guy in my class which I think my friend still likes. She told me she liked him for like a yr now n even though she says she doesnt like him anymore, i dont know is it true.
THe thing is, i kinda fell for the guy aswell n once wen we went cinemas, (watched a horror wif him) my friend left half way thru n so it was just me n him. We ended up huggin a little – at 1st i thought he was just being nice. After that he didnt really talk to me.
The 2nd time (i finally kinda got over him) we went cinemas wif his mates n my friend (ended up splitting up into difo screens) he hugged me n held my hand. I didnt reject his advance n we were like a couply (no making out tho). Now he just doesnt talk to me anymore – no fb or txt or anything!
i dont know whether he likes me or not but i think i really do love him!!!!!!!!!
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