I Have Sex With Another Man That I Work With

I am a so called straight guy with a secret. I have sex with another man that I work with. We often suck each other off during our lunch hour and sometimes before or after work.

It started one night when we were at a motel, drinking a few beers and watching soft porn. He had a very visible erection and being horny myself, I told him if he wanted to jack off, I was cool with it. He said he would if I would. Not long after we had our cocks out, I reached over and started playing with his then started sucking him.

I had sucked cocks when I was a teenager and liked the way his felt and tasted. We stopped long enough to get naked then settled into a 69 side by side. He admitted he had sucked cock before too and liked what I was doing.

We sucked each other off with him cumming first then I blew a load in his mouth. We both swallowed then spent most of the night sucking each other. That was 15 years ago and even tho we have fucked each other a few times, we still love sucking each other’s cocks.

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