I hate that gut forever

I am shila, I want to mentiond something to my boyfriend who is most rubbish in the world.I was student of secondary, fourteen years old.We are three friend NAZNIN AKATR Panna, village of doyazipara, NARGIS AKTER village of golabaria and I am village of mohadebpur.

I am hindu and others muslim. Sometimes I would go to house of my both friend for walking, my both friend had a weakness to boy for his nice face, for the advantages of their weakness he acted of love with them and
at last he destroyed their virginity, in fact they were not good at all, PANNA was a most nasty girl who had been enjoyed by her brother in law, NARGIS had been enjoyed by her house servant, but I was not like them in spite of that I had been caught up by that nasty boy, I was law-student in, in a strike-day I have to stay inadvertently at night in the city with that boy in a hotel and he destroyed my virginity inforce.

I could not say anything that day by shame, but I hate him forever


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  1. How u can just hate him?
    Hello shila,

    This guy did these things with you and you just hate him? i would have done something terribally wrong to that guy… probably would have kicked his ass.

    Go kick hi a**.


  2. Hate him.
    HI shila,
    I can understand your feelings; First of all you are an innocent girl, second thing is you are not the same (religion), as the location and situation finally atmosphere;
    “you should not take risk” to stay a night with a single boy in a hotel, how ever happen is happen try to forget and be care about your future,

    One day you can Naked him in front of his locality if you are serious, but by that way you also neglected by your society. Better forget it as an accident.
    In western life style you may take support from Police and Legal Prosecutions but that will be more cost for you as well, as you are being a Bangladeshi citizen.

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