What Have I Done…

So I did something really stupid (ye I know…almost all these confessions start this way)…

I’m bi curious…don’t know what I’m digging or anything…so I got this person I know…more like a good friend to get on cam with me after making up some fake identity and shit.

So my friend started like doing stuff and everything I would fake my way during the whole thing, coming off as someone that I really wasn’t…but clearly my friend digged it LOL. Anyways…so…eventually…my identity was uncovered and it sucked…because then it got really awkward…see i sorta exposed myself!!! and now my friend is thinking i’m into that sort of stuff…when really i’m not…just wanted to know what was up…i was exploring…and i found out i really don’t care for being a homosexual but i love the vagina (this in itself is a confession)…anyways…it was wrong, dumb and i prob could have been more discrete…but w/e…shit happens…then i came up with some cover story to like…and they believe it…but they still bring it up from time to time. admitting the truth is not possible…believe me…if so i would have done it (we are not that close friends)…but i’m trying to manage it and keep my stories straight…PLEASE ADVISE ME 🙁 I confess this stupid thing i did!!!

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  1. Don’t worry about it. There is so much porn online, any scene sinks so far down in the search results, as to effectively disappear. I actively try to promote my gay sex videos, and it is not easy to keep them where they get wide distribution.

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