I went grocery shopping wearing only…

I don’t like that only women can go out in public wearing only a t-shirt (we all assume they’re wearing shorts underneath)… so, I went grocery shopping wearing only a t-shirt and barefoot (because that turns me on)… I was in the frozen foods aisle & a woman asked me if I knew where the frozen pizzas were that were on sale… we walked there together & my penis got very hard; I ended up having an orgasm while standing behind her while she selected her pizzas… she thanked me then I intentionally stepped in my mess on the floor and walked away… please forgive me

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  1. I am female it turns me on to go out wearing, a short skirt and no underwear, i do it around the house regularly it makes me very wet to the point when my secretion i running down my legs if my dad is watching me, i thought what it would be like to do it outdoors to go in a store and ride the escalate, when did it i could feel people watching me surprisingly a lot of women as well as men, i really would like to hear from anyone who is interested and tell me about there experiences who does the same or go out together,

  2. On a dare, my wife went to the grocery store wearing only CFM pumps and a t-shirt.
    This t-shirt barely covered her pussy and showed a hint of ass cheeks in the back.
    The pumps were 5 inch, slip-ons, platform, not stiletto, so her leg muscles really stood out.
    My wife walked in ahead of me, as I thought it best maybe to try to cover her ass.

    Eyes were immediately bugging out and guys were just stopping dead in their tracks.
    She walked at a fast pace and we were going down the main aisle through the store when suddenly the manager stepped out from a side aisle and stopped us halfway back to the dairy section where we were headed to buy a gallon of milk. He took one look at her, put up his hands and said to my wife,
    “My name is (such and such), I’m the store manager.”
    My wife and I stopped and she introduced us in a quickly. He laughed and said,
    “I thought there was a serious emergency because every male employee in the store suddenly left their station. But I’m relieved to find it was because you walked in. Nice to meet you and please enjoy your shopping experience.”

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