She Began Taking More Of Her Anxiety Medication Too

When the stay at home order started, mom would barely open the door.

She began taking more of her anxiety medication too.

Before she took it, she was nervous about everything.

Afterward, she floated around the house like she in a bubble.

She wore her different colored work dresses every day.

She baked stuff, made cool dinners.
She didn't notice anything I did, well, if I was careful.

She was baking struddle one day and kept bending over.

I was sitting on the other side of the counter watching her.

When she bent over, I could plainly see her breasts.

They hung down so nice, they swayed back and forth.
I couldn't help it, I masturbated watching her.

Even when she was looking at me and talking, I didn't stop.

I just smiled, nodded and kept rubbing my cock.
When she turned around and was putting the filling in them, I stood up.

I had to cum on the counter, and I did. They are dark brown and the cum was very easy to see.

So, I left it there and waited to see if she would notice.

She actually laid her arm right in it when she talked to me.

I wanted to masturbate again, watching her, talking and resting her arm in my cum.
That was just the first time.

I masturbate while she is in the room all the time now.

This morning at breakfast, she was looking right at me, smiling, while I was cumming up the front of my pajama top.

I wasn't even done yet and I thanked her and told her how nice it was.

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