I Feel Like Our Relationship Is Never Gonna Be The Same Again

So i came home from school early because i wasnt Feeling good and when i walked In the door my mom was getting fucked really hard by her boyfriend.

I could literally hear her ass clapping so loud from downstairs and she was screaming.

Idk why but I listened to her until she was done and i was so hard and my heart was beating so fast it literally turned me on so much for some reason and I felt so wrong but I think everything just caught me off guard.

Her and her boyfriend went straight to the shower so i went into her room to see if i could grab her panties because all of a sudden i had this weird horny obsession after hearing my mom and ive always thought she had a really big ass and i could hear it, i had to smell that ass in her underwear while i jerked off .

As soon as i started sniffing them she came back in the room and seen me stroking myself and smelling her panties and hurried up and turned away.

It was seriously the most awkward shit ever and now im so embarassed about everything.

I feel like our relationship is never gonna be the same again

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